Menstrual Cup Medical Grade Silicone Copa Menstrual de Silicone Reusable Lady Cup Sterilizing Women Menstrual Period Cup

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Safer than tampons! No harsh chemicals or bleaches, 100% medical grade silicone, safe to use. Re-useable save big money by using menstrual cups instead of tampons or pads each month. Squeeze to insert, cup sits lower than a tampon so you are able to grasp then squeeze bottom with your fingers and turn slightly to pull it out & empty it. Cup creates an air tight seal so generally there is no worry about leaks, even with really heavy flow, even overnight. If you have an intra uterine fibroid you might have to empty the cup more frequently. With normal flow you can wear this all day with no fear of leakage. Your choice, 1 or 2. 

Sizing note: Small is for women that have never had a child. Large is for women that have given vaginal birth to child. 

Model Number: menstrual cup
Material: 100% medical silicone
Item Type: Menstrual Cup
category: Menstrual Period
category1: Menstrual Sterilizing Cup
category2: copa menstrual de silicona medica
category3: coletor menstrual
category4: menstrual cup for women
category5: menstruatie
category6: copa menstrual
category7: Sterilizing for Menstrual Cup
category8: copa menstrual de silicona medica
Packing1: 2pcs menstrual cup+ sterilizer+tampons+ bag+Instruction
Packing2: 1pc menstrual cup +bag