Remove Varicose Veins At Home! Get the tool the pros use! 1 piece Medical Blue Light Therapy Laser Pen Varicose Veins Treatment Soft Scar Wrinkle Removal Treat Scars & Acne Beautiful skin & results in only 7 Days!

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Treat your unsightly varicose veins at home without the high costs of the dermatology office's many treatments at hundreds of dollars! Get this medical grade handy blue laser & treat them yourself. Return to the look of your youth in your legs or wherever needed with this item. DIY beauty. 

Model Number: Medical Blue Light Therapy Laser Pen
Item Type: Massage & Relaxation
Application: Face & body

Promotes the combination of protein and bone collagen
Activates the skin, tightens up loose skin
Effectively inhibit acne bacteria
Safely & without scarring; remove acne
Improves the appearance of red spots, oily skin and heavily sensitive skin

Shrinks pores
Kills the bacteria in the skin and pores
Accelerate healing of acne breakouts